At Tether’s End

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At Tether’s End

15th – 20th December 2008
7.30pm @ The Trinity Centre, Bristol, BS3 0NW

(Bella and Richard are getting married.
You should come to their wedding,
they’d love for you to be there)

Just don’t forget their gift,

a photo of you and someone or something that you love.
A photo that we can keep for our own and put in our family album.

No photo, no entry.
Traders hawk their wares, pickpockets try their luck, drunkards fight,
the Butcher washes your hands again and the whores whistle as you pass by…

This is the Old Market of Bristol, 1869. A place of vice, poverty and  grim hope.

This is a true story. Our story.

Trinity and The Wonder Club present a spectacular site specific performance with over 60 artists, performers, musicians and volunteers involved so far it promises to be the event of the year, not to be missed! At Tether’s End will mark the launch of a new phase in Trinity’s rich history as the internationally renowned music venue begins to forge its way as a provider of performing and visual arts.

The Wonder Club create interactive accessible performance with non linear narrative. Challenging the definitions of live art, event, theatre and visual art aiming to attract a diverse audience as a result of this. Their shows are interactive, and put the onus on the audience to create their own version of events and wander freely, taking responsibility for their journey and its outcomes.

If you didn’t get tickets last time, get them early this time..

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