What people say about us

‘Ambitious and imaginative work..genuinely thrilling.’

*** Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (The Lamentable Tragedy)

‘Another day, another piece of walkabout, site-specific, darkly-shaded performance..The Wonders have good form in this kind of thing, and their total takeover of the two-storied former City Motorcycles showroom in the heart of Stokes Croft is undeniably impressive: crucial to the evening’s insidious malevolence is pitch-perfect…the tragedy, when it arrives, is nothing short of a face-slapping icy blast of masterfully chilling stagecraft. Lamentable? Not a bit of it.’

**** Joe Spurgeon, The Venue (The Lamentable Tragedy)

‘Another walkabout triumph for Bristol’s roving performance troupe The Wonder Club..There is something uniquely thrilling about this experience..with some thrilling, utterly committed performances from the thirty strong cast and some superbly imaginative sets, this was a uniquely involving evening, demanding just enough of its audience and inviting them to take their places in its lovingly recreated world.’

**** Steve Wright, The Venue (At Tether’s End)

‘What the Wonder Club has achieved both in The Juniper Tree and in At Tether’s End is truly remarkable. They somehow harness the skills and talent of scores of artists to create truly beautiful installation art. This provides the perfect setting to take audiences into other weird and wonderful worlds. This is event making not just theatre making. Hundreds of people show up to see their work – people who do not usually go to the theatre. They are a force to be reckoned with!’

Katie Keeler, Creative Producer, Theatre Bristol

‘Genuinely impressive stuff!’

Ali Robertson, Director, Tobacco Factory

‘I’ve seen two shows by The Wonder Club, ‘The Juniper Tree’ and ‘At Tethers End’. Both have been magical and memorable experiences managing to be at once highly original, intimate and immersive but with a compulsive narrative thread. This playfulness of form and tone underpinned by a strong core of theatricality means the company is innovative and exciting but at the same time you’re in safe hands, you can enjoy the ride, and there is something substantial which you take away. Follow them wherever they go.

Adam Gent, Creative Producer, Circus and Outdoor theatre, Theatre Bristol

“Working with the Wonder Club was an amazing chance for Trinity to engage with a dedicated team of professional and emerging artists and performers, in collaboration on our first site-specific performance. Having previously delivered site-specific shows, the Wonder Club brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the production, helping to create a unique and well received show that will hopefully be the start of future collaborative works. This ambitious and risk-taking project could not have been realised without their (Nick Young and Michelle Roche) insight.”

Emma Harvey, Project Manager, Trinity Arts Centre

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